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Clever ways ROYALE can make your life easier


Clever ways ROYALE can make your life easier

ROYALE makes caring for your home and family a bit easier with this collection of simple solutions. Discover unexpected uses for ROYALE products, how they can tackle germs, help out with food prep, or even lend "a paw" to your toughest cleaning jobs.

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Cleaning Tips

Breathe Easy Thanks To Tiger Clean Air Vents

March 1, 2017



When cloths and rags are too thick to clean in tight spaces, like your home’s air vents, you can count on THIS to get the job done!

Dust build-up is a nightmare for allergy sufferers, not to mention that it makes your home’s heating and cooling system work harder and prevents air from getting into rooms. Using a cloth to clean those tiny vent slats often just cleans the outside of the vent, pushing the dirt and dust back into the vent.

Here’s how you can give them a thorough clean using ROYALE® Tiger Towel® paper towel:

  • Remove excess dust from vents with a vacuum or dampened handy half sheet of Tiger Towel® paper towel.

  • Fold a dampened handy half sheet of Tiger Towel® over a butter knife to get in between the tiny slats of your air vents to clean away dust and dirt.

  • Repeat for each slat in the vent.


Try it for yourself today!