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Clever ways ROYALE can make your life easier


Clever ways ROYALE can make your life easier

ROYALE makes caring for your home and family a bit easier with this collection of simple solutions. Discover unexpected uses for ROYALE products, how they can tackle germs, help out with food prep, or even lend "a paw" to your toughest cleaning jobs.

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Cleaning Tips

Off-Roading That Gets Your Bike Squeaky Clean

March 1, 2017


It can feel like a chore but cleaning your bike doesn’t just make it look better, it helps it work better, too. Letting dirt sit and accumulate on your bike accelerates its wear which can eventually lead to replacing parts.

Avoid unnecessary expenses by giving your bike a swift clean before putting it away. If you don’t have somewhere to hose down your bike, you can scrub grim away with ROYALE® Tiger Towel® paper towel and water. It’s strong enough to tackle the job, just watch!


Tiger Towel® can scrub your tires and peddles; clean your wheels, spokes, chain and fenders, and polish up your seat and handlebars.

Once the parts are clean, buff your bike dry with a clean Tiger Towel® and treat your chain to a fresh coat of lubricant to keep things moving smoothly.

Try it for yourself today!