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Home Solutions

Clever ways ROYALE can make your life easier


Clever ways ROYALE can make your life easier

ROYALE makes caring for your home and family a bit easier with this collection of simple solutions. Discover unexpected uses for ROYALE products, how they can tackle germs, help out with food prep, or even lend "a paw" to your toughest cleaning jobs.

And we're always uncovering new ways ROYALE products can make your life easier, so check back regularly to catch all the updates.



Paper Napkins Are Anything but Square

April 4, 2015


Want to up your presentation game by adding some flair to your table setting? Learn how to fold ROYALE® paper napkins:

Whether you are hosting a formal dinner party or just want to add a fun touch to lunch with friends, you can get creative with ROYALE 3-ply Signature dinner napkins and these easy-to-follow napkin-folding tutorials: